Low Cost Divorce Attorney. Fees from $350 to $600 plus court costs in most cases

For Uncontested Divorces in Cook County

Fast, easy and affordable.

One day service available.

Low Cost Divorce Attorney. Fees from $350 to $600 plus court costs in most cases

For Uncontested Divorces in Cook County

Service you can count on


Experienced Full Service Low Cost Divorce Attorney in Chicago. Get an Affordable Divorce in Cook, DuPage or Will Counties.

New Divorce Law effective January 1, 2016. As of the beginning of 2016 you must be separated at least 6 months to get divorced! Call Today For Free Case Evaluation.

Be aware of possible hidden costs when choosing an attorney who is promoting a special fee. Our final quote includes everything from initial consultation to final court dates. Fill out our On-line Questionnaire for a FREE initial estimate.

Our Divorce Questionnaire covers most of the major issues that you can use as a guide to help you and your spouse/partner reach an agreement.

If you are able to make an agreement on all the issues:

  1. Fill out and submit the completed Divorce questionnaire to set up our Free Case Evaluation.
  2. We will review your questionnaire and answer any questions you may have. You
    will be given a copy of your Attorney-Client fee agreement that will state in writing
    exactly what your fees will be along with an itemization of all court costs that are
    required to file your case.
  3. You will be notified when the documents are ready for signature. We prefer that
    you come in to review them with our staff but you may opt to have them mailed to
  4. You have up to three months to return the signed documents and pay the balance
    of the attorney’s fees and court costs. When these are received and the funds
    clear we will file your case and set a court date.
  5. Only our client needs to appear in court. Your spouse/partner will receive notice
    of the date but need not attend. An attorney will ask you simple yes and no
    questions to verify the information in your documents and except for rare
    occasions your divorce will be granted that day.

We consider all Divorce or Civil Union cases uncontested and charge a flat fee until we
are either contacted by an attorney representing your spouse/partner or your spouse/
partner files the appropriate documents at court to contest your case.

Therefore we also quote a flat fee to prepare your documents and file your case if you
cannot reach an agreement with your spouse/partner or after due inquiry are unable
to locate your spouse/partner so that service of summons may be obtained. Call us at
312-644-1000 or fill out the Short Form Inquiry on our Home page for a free price quote.

Questions to ask potential attorney: Do they have easy access to the Courthouse?

Consider when choosing a suburban attorney that it may be cheaper and/or easier for you to visit him/her but are you paying their hourly rate for THEIR travel time to Court in Chicago? Nobody pays you hundreds of dollars per hour to get to work. Why should you pay your attorney to get to theirs? The Law Firm of Barry Lowe is located just two blocks from the Daley Center and we never charge our clients for travel time to and from the Courthouse.

Does your attorney employ a full and knowledgeable staff?

It may seem appealing when your attorney promises personal service from him/her but if they also handle their own court appearances and document preparation it may seriously limit the amount of time they have available to speak to you. Some attorneys may not employ knowledgeable or ANY staff at all. Don’t get stuck paying your attorney’s hourly rate for mundane services such as copying and court filing. All staff at the Law Firm of Barry Lowe have been employed at least 10 years and are well able to answer or get the answers to your questions when YOU need them.

How often does your attorney handle Family Law Matters?

Law & Procedures sometimes change daily. It’s in your best interest to use an attorney who has experience with the Courts and Judges on a daily basis. The Law Firm of Barry Lowe concentrates its practice in all Family Law Matters. We are up to date on all changes of law and procedure to make sure you get the best settlement possible.

Does your attorney demand a large retainer before they will start to work on your case?

At the Law Firm of Barry Lowe we understand that you may not have the money available (especially at a time when you may have moving and other expenses) to put down the large retainer amount that some attorneys require before they will start work on your contested/hourly case. We work with each individual client and only request an initial retainer that our client can reasonably afford. We will then advise you if your case requires additional retainer; thus allowing you to pay as you go. You may also stop our services at any time if you so desire.

Welcome to AffordableChicagoDivorce.com

We are The Law Firm of Barry Lowe, concentrating our practice in all Family Law matters in Chicago and the Greater Chicagoland region. Our aim is to provide quality legal service at an affordable price. Call us at 312-644-1000 or fill out our on-line questionnaire for a free price quote. Why pay more?

Let our caring, courteous, professional staff help you through the difficult times of your life and obtain the result you deserve.

Please note: All of the foregoing information is “advertising material” under Illinois law. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I am required to advise you that all prices quoted and all telephone numbers and addresses provided on this web site are subject to change without notice. All services offered are to be performed subject to applicable law in the State of Illinois, County of Cook, in the United States of America. Referrals to attorneys outside of Cook County may be available on request. Some matters are handled in association with other attorneys who are not employed by my law firm. The amount of attorney’s fees and expenses depends on the complexity of the matter and the time involved.

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