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Kevin P. McCarty

Kevin P. McCarty

Kevin McCarty was born in Toledo, Ohio but grew up in Naperville, Illinois. He graduated from Michigan State University in the spring of 1994 with degrees in business and pre-law and then from DePaul University Law School in 1997.

While in law school he worked as a law clerk for Ira T. Nevel, a foreclosure firm, and then for Rothschild, Barry & Myers, LLP working on asbestos lawsuits. He was admitted to the Bar in May of 1998 and came to work for the Law Firm of Barry Lowe in 1999 where he has handled and continues to handle all manner of Family Law Matters.

Mr. Lowe died in February of 2006 whereupon Mr. McCarty took over the Firm and continues to specialize in all Family Law Matters.


  • DePaul University College of Law, Juris Doctorate Degree (1997)
  • Michigan State University, Business and Pre-Law Degrees (1994)
  • Admissions
  • Illinois (1998)

Barry Lowe (1951-2006)

During law school, Barry Lowe participated in a program providing legal services as part of the Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation (“CCLAF”). Before providing legal services to a client, governmental regulations required that the clients go through a financial screening process to determine their “eligibility” to receive services under the program. While working for “CCLAF” Barry realized that many potential clients were being refused services because under the applicable financial guidelines their income level was considered to be too high. During law school, he also worked as a “clerk” in a private law firm. He became aware of the cost of obtaining “consumer” oriented legal services from private lawyers in Cook County and the surrounding area and he knew that most of the potential clients who were being turned away by “CCLAF” due to the governmental financial guidelines could not afford the cost of private legal representation.

He learned the philosophy of marketing discounted services to the public while working for his family beginning at seven years of age and he realized that he could utilize the same philosophy to market legal services directly to consumers. The same year that he opened his law practice, the United States Supreme Court allowed attorneys to advertise for the first time in history.

Combining his experience from legal assistance, his family business philosophy and the ability to advertise, in the spring of 1977, he became one of the very first attorneys to advertise in Illinois. During his entire career, spanning four decades, he continuously provided low cost consumer legal services to the public. He was a pioneer in developing set fees for many types of services wherever possible and maintained one of the lowest hourly rates for experienced law firms in the north-east Illinois area. Since he was licensed in October, 1976, he served thousand of clients. His goal was to handle a high volume of low cost matters.

His law firm continues to operate because Barry felt the segment of the community he served deserves quality legal service at a fair price.

Mr. Lowe passed away in his sleep at the end of February, 2006. We are proud to carry on his name and his tradition.

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