Maintenance in Illinois

New Maintenance Guidelines in Illinois

On Jan. 1, 2015, the state of Illinois implemented new guidelines for calculating maintenance amounts. The purpose of these guidelines is to create a simpler and more consistent method for determining how much money maintenance recipients should receive.

Here is an overview of the state’s new formula for calculating maintenance:

  • Amount: In the standard formula, the maintenance amount should equal 30% of the paying spouse’s gross income minus 20% of the receiving spouse’s gross income.
    • The maintenance total must not be more than 40% of both parties’ gross incomes combined.
  • Duration: The court will have to take the number of years that the spouses were married and multiply that number by the following:
    • 0-5 years – multiply by 0.20
    • 5-10 years – multiply by 0.40
    • 10-15 years – multiply by 0.60
    • 15-20 years – multiply by 0.80
    • 20+ years – Permanent unless person recieving funds remarries, cohabits or has a significant change in income.

There are numerous factors that can affect maintenance awards, and there are many new changes to the calculation process that need to be considered as the judge is not required to follow these guidelines. Make sure you have a knowledgeable attorney on your side when you are dealing with a maintenance matter!

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“Maintenance” refers to an amount of money that one spouse is ordered to pay the other spouse in the event of a divorce or separation. Maintenance is meant to serve as a supplement to the recipient spouse’s income, and it may be ordered on either a temporary basis or a permanent basis. If you are getting divorced and you are seeking a favorable maintenance agreement or court decision, you can turn to our Chicago affordable divorce lawyers for assistance. We at the Law Offices of Kevin P. McCarty are here to help you protect your best financial interests!

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